Almost a month has been through already. I have a new memories pad.Brings me exitement!. I like to describe my life, and illustrate it must be a blast!
These couple of weeks everything has been pretty exhaustive. This weekend wasn’t an exception.
I’ve been thinking in a positive way about work and it seems to work out, i don’t know, perhaps.

All this time i’ve had some sticky issue in my head, and i’ve figured out. Decitions must be taked! Perhaps it’s good, perhaps it’s bad, but it is of my own and i’ll take the concecuences of it.
Everything would be different, i know, scares me, but there’s no turn around.
That subjet gets me off.

This weekend i went to look for a good photography class, there’s no good schedule. So sad, i’ll keep looking. I must concrete this shit already!. I spend my time in worth stuff, some exhibitions, walking around, taking street portraits, just those king of things in the afternoon-evening. Some stucker on the streets started to making me funny questions, some of them i answered with funny lies, some others were just hilarious and couldn’t answer, there’s crazy ppl in the world, and crazy stuckers even more!

I miss so bad my sister, i haven’t seen her since almost a month, and i need someone to listen me up, and she’s the right one to.

I guess my lately mood starts on my needs. And i have a lot. Ppl usually does it have’em , right?. I’m not a frick girl with millions of needs, i just want the basic ones. Worthless to name them.
I’ve been taking this pretty well, i guess i’m still growing up and this experience definitively has been one of a kind.