Having a little crushing thing over here. I’ve been thinking about all kinds of situations a girl like me could be, and i just have let them get away from myself. Make a difference between what you want, and what you can have it’s the main point right now. And it all comes out when i start to feel replaced by “something”, “someone” or even “somewhere” else, having this strange thoughts i can only realize this is getting tricky.
Probably my alter ego gets smashed when i feel i don’t have the attention i “require”. But that’s the way things are. It’s a little bit tough having to disconnect feelings off the reazon, mostly of time i get rushed by both, at the end i only get concerned about one.

Replacement: The act of replacing. A person or thing that replaces another

Yeah, i know. Thoughts like “you don’t have to think like that…”, “why do you say that?” or “is just your imagination” slapped me over and over, and it gets stronger. But, i ignore.

Althought i know sometimes i get over reacted, this time only gets me thoughtful, asking myself what should i do about it? and how long am i gonna resist?.
I guess i used to feel like an important human being for peaople i care about, but since yesterday, something happened and changed my point of view.
There’s situations i just still don’t get it, i feel i’m way too “kind” and always try to be as true as possible, but there’s things i just swallow and get locked in. Wrong way to solve it, but that’s the way it is.

Having a little flashback, i guess this has happened a few times in my short life, weird to know that. Lately i’ve learned i get scared to talk about certain subjects, issues and that totally sucks.
I must disconnet the plugs and get only stand & straight on the way to “what is best”.

“While there’s nothing “real”, anything could happen”.

I wish i could change this trashy thoughts, but i can’t help it. I’ll try. Harder.

Besides all this, i’m starting to get tired. I never give up on somtehing, but this is getting boring.
I don’t like to be in a situation i can’t control or at least have a common opinion. Not at all.
Time spending, sharing imgination, enjoying company it’s what i feel i need at this point, do you have it?. Guess not. Sad thing then.