Silencing. Internalise. No pain. No pity.
So much incongruity. You can notice, i can notice.
Love and hate in the same way.
I hate sometimes my insecurity when you’re around.
I hate mi simplicity that sometimes seems to be akward.
I can’t find the way to let everything out. I’m afraid.
Afraid of let you know everything is deep inside,
and release this. I want to, i can’t.

I’ve never had a “what if..” ,
and now i’m starting, it hurts
i don’t want to,
but everything gets as complicated as i want,
and i don’t wanna..
I don’t want to have this mess inside,
i wanna be free as always,
i wanna have you in me, my time, my days, my life,
i want you to know how deep this is,
but when you get to the unknown point
i just can pass thought.
I don’t want you to be afraid, i don’t want to be afraid.
I just want YOU for me, only me,
theres no need to look around,
here i am, here i will be.

As days passes by, i wonder
would it be enough?
would you let me know?
time is sometimes an intruder,
i get desperated, obsessive, highly proud.
I’m impulsive, and i don’t want to get to that point..
i dont’ want to get everything off, and waste all away.
But i lie, i couldn’t …
not anymore, not even if you let my go away,
not ’cause now i just can’t imagine life without you in it.

“Happiness real on……” (here shoud be a frase, and a video, but ican’t post it, i can’t ’cause i do not want to spoile it)