My slow motion days has become exhaustives. I wish i could turn things up and dissapear for a while. I feel living in a surreal dream full of outrageous characters and magical chalks spreading color dust on my way. Surreal color dust. Worthless color dust that gets vanished up. Doesn’t stand by.

Strange dreams get stuck deep inside my mind, and i got locked inside a tiny black box. Don’t wanna come out. Keep that lock steady. Leave me.
Everything feels safe inside here, nothing comes in, nothing goes out. There would be a better place?.

Start trembling becomes a safe way to express a piece of my humility, gets off with it. Carrying illusions of undefined statements. Better wake up and liberate.

Falling so hard, so fast this time. Wanna grab my heart out and let it fly.
Let me know, and i’ll be right there when time is up.