Creo que las cosas que en realidad quisiera para mi cumpleaños son cosas que sé en realidad son imposibles de obtener, pero podria dar lo que fuera porque sucedieran. Y como se que es imposible, entonces aun tengo en mente miles y miles de cosas que podrian hacerme feliz. (como si eso fuera tan dificil?)
Creo que no existe persona alguna que sepa en realidad que las cosas o situaciones mas insignificantes logran hacerme sonreir, tal vez es dificil de comprenderlo, pero cuando en verdad logren hacerlo veran lo facil que es.

Al parecer mi lista de deseos este año se ha modificado un poco, parece tener cada vez menos deseos, pero veamos si logro cumplirlos, porque ya serán 23 años y aunque parecen pocos en cantidad han sido demasiado en calidad, y lo que falta.

i’d wish:

–i could let my heart behind, and start thinkin with my head

–i could find an aparment near downtown

–i could go to sleep and do not have dreams

–i could stop being so compulsively obssesed

–i could make my own nude photoshoot (no one has wanted to do it for me)

–i could have a smaller belly to finally show what i wanna show =P

–i could stop feeling replaced or ignored sometimes

–i could travel to places i’ve always wanted

–i could say everything i got stuck in my heart (i’ve started to keep it, and that’s a shame)

–i could go and live in that place i’ve always wanted & start from zero

–i could be stronger that what it seems i am

Suddenly i just couldn’t keep writting in spanish, sometimes i use to write down in english trying to feel what i wrote is barely known, i know it doesn’t, but i like to feel like it.

Alright, changing a little bit that unexpected issue, i’ll keep with my wish list, but as many of my friends know, i love surprises, presents, gifts. I think what i like the most it’s having the knowlage that “that person” was thinking about me when it “made/bought” that thing for me, that’s priceless, at least that’s how i feel with it. I probably have “many, many, many” things i’d like to be gifted, but if you know me good enough, you’ll probably know what i’m talking about, so there’s no need to list them down.

Can’t wait to see my friends altogether. =D