I wish sometimes to not care about what “important people” in my life says, does, means, acts.
There’s always a bunch of choices to make things happen if that’s what you want…but lately i’ve been quite not well, i’m in a bad mood and i try to convince myself that i really don’t care what you do, but you know i do.
Yes, i write this about you, you, the one who hardly would understand what the hell am i writting about, but that’s ok, i don’t need you to read it, i just need to point it out.

I have to confess that i don’t like to have deep inside this desperate feeling, this conscious obsession of trying to make things happen between us, but that at the end it would be just a waste of time.

So that’s it, that’s what i need. I need you to stop wasting my time if you’re not going to try to make things happen, i need you to stop trying to make you look yourself like if you don’t know anything about it, but most important…i need you to stop making me feel like a compleatly asshole, ’cause i’m not, and i see you, and i hear you..
but if it’s so hard fot you to clear things up for once then just leave me the fucking off!!!

I’m getting tired of this situation, but i guess i will keep stand still as i’ve been thinking about lately… last thought i had: i won’t let you be into my life anymore, into my heart anymore.

P.S. I’m not mad/sad =)