My smoking non-addiction has been rising up lately these last couple days, and i guess it’s all about my continous impatient to have what i can’t have.
Something it’s sticking me out but at the end i know everything it’s gonna be worth it.
Should i do what i do?, should i think what i think? should i say what i say?, should i feel what i feel? Probably i don’t want to answer any of these, but undoubtly someday there will be answers for these, but until that day, i will keep my mind on the same.
Ppl it’s starting to telling me what should i do or how should i behave, but i have never need someonelse’s opinion so why should i listen them now?
I guess it’s a matter of time so everything gets as it used to be, althought i guess i finally had my “big change” and’s priceless.